B.Sc. (Agriculture) Syllabus Free Pdf Download


B.Sc. (Agriculture)

Syllabus Free Pdf Download


Ist Semester

Fundamentals of Agronomy 3 AG-101
Fundamentals of Genetics 3 AG-102
Fundamentals of Soil Science 3 AG-103
Fundamentals of Horticulture 2 AG-104
Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology 2 AG-105
Introduction to Forestry 2 AG-106
Introductory Animal Husbandry 3 AG-107
Comprehension & Communication Skills in English 2 AG-108
Agricultural Heritage 1 AG-109
Introductory Biology/Basic Agriculture-I 2 AG-110A/


Elementary Mathematics/ Basic AgricuIture-II 2 AG-111A/


NSS/NCC/Physical Education & Yoga Practices 2 AG-112A/

AG-112B/ AG-112C



IInd Semester

Fundamentals of Crop Physiology 3 AG-201
Fundamentals of plant biochemistry 3 AG-202
Fundamentals of Entomology-I 3 AG-203
Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics 2 AG-204
Principles of Organic Farming 2 AG-205
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology 4 AG-206
Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices 2 AG-207
Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education 3 AG-208
Food Processing and Safety Issues 3 AG-209
Human Values & Ethics 1 AG-210
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering 2 AG-211 28


IIIrd Semester

Crop Production Technology -1 ( Kharif /crops) 2 AG-301
Practical Crop Production -1 (Kharif crops) 2 AG-302
Fundamentals of Plant Breeding 3 AG-303
Agricultural Microbiology 2 AG-304
Agricultural Finance and Co-Operation 3 AG-305
Farm Machinery and Power 2 AG-306
Principles of Integrated Disease Management 3 AG-307
Environmental Studies & Disaster Management 3 AG-308
Statistical Methods 2 AG-309
Dairy Science 3 AG-311
Fundamentals of Entomology-II 2 AG-312 27

IVth Semester

Crop Production Technology – II (Rabi crops) 2 AG-401
Practical Crop Production – II (Rabi crops) 2 AG-402
Principles of Seed Technology 3 AG-403
Problematic soils and their Management 2 AG-404
Renewable Energy and Green Technology 2 AG-406
Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, MAP and Landscaping 2 AG-407
Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication 2 AG-408
Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change 2 AG-409
Agri- Informatics 2 AG-410
Poultry Production & Management 3 AG-411 22


Vth Semester

Rainfed and dryland Agriculture 2 AG-501
Crop Improvement-1 (Kharif crops) 2 AG-502
Pests of Crops and Stored Grain and their Management 3 AG-503
Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices 3 AG-504
Protected Cultivation and Secondary Agriculture 2 AG-505
Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management-I 3 AG-506
Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops 2 AG-507
Communication Skills and Personality Development 2 AG-508
Intellectual Property Rights 1 AG-509
Principles of Food Science & Nutrition 3 AG-510
Geo-informatics and Nanotechnology 2 AG-511
Elective-1(AGE-51/ AGE-52/ AGE-53/ AGE-54/ AGE-55/ AGE-56) 3 AGE 28

VIth Semester

Farming System, Precision Farming & Sustainable Agriculture 2 AG-601
Crop Improvement-II (Rabi crops) 2 AG-602
Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management 3 AG-603
Farm Management, Production & Resource Economics 2 AG-604
Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management-II 3 AG-605
Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables 2 AG-606
Watershed and Wasteland Management 2 AG-607
Beneficial insects and Pest of Horticultural Crops and their Management 3 AG-608
Elective-2(AGE-61/ AGE-62/ AGE-63/ AGE-64/ AGE-65/ AGE-66) 3 AGE
Educational Tour 2 AGT-99 24


VIIth Semester

SN. Rural Agricultural Work Experience and Agro-industrial Attachment
Activities No. of


Credit Hours
1 General orientation & On-campus training by different faculties 1  




2 Village attachment 8
Unit attachment in Univ./ College. KVK/ Research Station Attachment 5
3 Plant clinic 2 02
Agro-Industrial Attachment 3 04
4 Project Report Preparation, Presentation, and Evaluation 1
Total weeks for RAWE & AIA 20 20

VIIIth semester


Modules for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship: A student has to register 20 credits opting for two modules of (0+10) credits each (total 20 credits) from the package of modules in the viii sem. 

Sr. Title of the module Credits
1. Production Technology for Bioagents and Biofertilizer 0+10
2. Seed Production and Technology 0+10
3. Mushroom Cultivation Technology 0+10
4. Soil, Plant, Water, and Seed Testing 0+10
5. Commercial Beekeeping 0+10
6. Poultry Production Technology 0+10
7. Commercial Horticulture 0+10
8. Floriculture and Landscaping 0+10
9. Food Processing 0+10
10. Agriculture Waste Management 0+10
11. Organic Production Technology 0+10
12. Commercial Sericulture 0+10


Evaluation of Experiential Learning Programme/ HOT


Sl.No. Parameters Max. Marks
1. Project Planning and Writing 10
2. Presentation 10
3. Regularity 10
4. Monthly Assessment 10
5. Output delivery 10
6. Technical Skill Development 10
7. Entrepreneurship Skills 10
8. Business networking skills 10
9. Report Writing Skills 10
10. Final Presentation 10
Total 100


Elective Courses: A student can select two elective courses out of the following and offer them during the 5th and 6th semesters.

S.N. Courses Credit Hours
1. Agribusiness Management 3(2+1) AGE-51
2. Agrochemicals 3(2+1) AGE-52
3. Commercial Plant Breeding 3(1+2) AGE-53
4. Landscaping 3(2+1) AGE-54
5. Food Safety and Standards 3(2+1) AGE-55
6. Biopesticides & Biofertilizers 3(2+1) AGE-56
7. Protected Cultivation 3(2+1) AGE-61
8. Hi-tech. Horticulture 3(2+1) AGE-62
9. Weed Management

(Deptt. of Agronomy)

3(2+1) AGE-63
10. System Simulation and Agro-advisory

(Soil Conservation)

3(2+1) AGE-64
11. Agricultural Journalism 3(2+1) AGE-65
12. Composition cum Duck/ (and) Quail/ (and) Rabbit culture. 3(2+1) AGE-66



Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
AG-102 Fundamentals of Genetics 3(2+1)
AG-303 Fundamentals of Plant Breeding 3(2+1)
AG-502 Crop Improvement – I ( Kharif Crops) 2(1+1)
AG-509 Intellectual Property Right 1(1+0)
AG-602 Crop Improvement – II ( Rabi Crops) 2(1+1)
AG-403 Principles of Seed Technology 3(2+1)
AG-201 Fundamentals of Crop Physiology 3(2+1)
AG-308 Environmental Studies and Disaster Management 3(2+1)



Course code semester Name of papers Credit hrs.
1 AG-203 II Fundamentals of Entomology-I (Insect Morphology and Taxonomy) 3 (2+1)
2 AG-312 III Fundamentals of Entomology-II (Insect Ecology and concept of IPM) 2 (1+1)
3 AG-503 V Pests of Field crops & Stored Grain and their Management 3 (2+1)
4 AG-608 VI Beneficial insects and Pest of Horticultural Crops and their Management 3 (2+1)


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B.Sc. (Agriculture) Syllabus Free Pdf Download


B.Sc. (Agriculture) Syllabus Free Pdf Download

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