Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX – Biography

Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX - Biography

Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX – Biography

Hello everyone with insightful ideas and the right approach one can bring about a progressive change in society and this is proven by none other than ELON MUSK the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, a leader who’s all about futuristic technologies with electric cars space rockets, and power batteries his applause-worthy work and mind having to treat the world in today’s article we are going to throw light on the biography of ELON MUSK for those who do not know.

Elon Musk Biography

Elon Musk india
Elon Musk

ELON MUSK is originally from South Africa and was born on June 28, 1971. His mother Mae musk was a Canadian model and his father Erel musk was a south African engineer as a child ellen was more of a daydreamer who used to be lost in thinking about invention because of this his parents thought he had some hearing impairment and consulted a doctor for the same along with this since childhood he’s been a keen reader so much so that he often says that before his parent’s books have brought him up apart from this as a child he was fascinated by computers and programming thus he went on to teach himself how to program at the tender age of 10. soon he made his first software or a video game called blaster and sold it to earn a good amount of money in 1989 at the age of 17 he left South Africa with his mother and flew to Canada to study at the queen’s university he always wanted to go to America therefore once he was done with his graduation he moved to the united states in 1992 in the U.S after studying at the University of Pennsylvania he went to Stanford University to take up a Ph.D. in energy physics but he dropped out from the Ph.D. program just after two days and went to roll out his first firm zip2 corporation in 1995. this was a project done jointly by Elon Musk and his brother Kimball it was basically a technology-based firm that provided business directories that were searchable computer users could search for businesses near them after expanding his firm and making it successful he sold it to compact computer corporation for about 340 million dollars he used the money to start his next company by the name x.com.


X.Com & Space X

Elon Musk india
Elon Musk – SpaceX

x.com was an online platform that provided financial and payment services in 1999 x.com merged with another firm confinity that was a financial starter co-founded by Peter Thiel and the company became PayPal then PayPal was acquired by eBay in October 2002 and ellen musk incurred 165 million dollars from the steel now after successfully building two firms zip2 and x.com ellen musk founded his third firm space exploration technologies corporation or popularly known as SpaceX in 2002 being a die-hard fan of science fiction he started this film with a desire to make such a spacecraft that could be used for commercial use Mr ELON MUSK has a desire where he wants humans to live on other planets along with earth and he wants to start this with mars and his work revolves around it to initiate the work at SpaceX he visited Russia to buy a rocket but he found that the rockets are being sold at a much higher price than its actual value and that he could build it on his own for a much lesser price and he made it a point to make spaceflight cheaper by a significant amount, be it reading doing comprehensive research and meeting known people from this industry he did it all to gain the expertise and knowledge needed to build a rocket and as a result SpaceX started to build rockets that cost much less as compared to Russian rockets the first vehicles built by it was named after the millennium falcon from star wars falcon 1.



Elon Musk india
Tesla Cars

The next work through which he has revolutionized the entire automobile industry was at Tesla it is a company that makes affordable electric cars for mass use in 2004 he invested the first round of funds in tesla motors which was co-founded by martin Eberhard the journey in tesla was also not a cakewalk for him initially by 2006 he was serving as its chairman and later became the CEO while he was under the process of helping tesla develop its first car roadster he also envisioned electric cars, a lot of people from the industry were not positive about his idea and even said that ELON MUSK is wasting his and investors moneysome even said that that the idea of electric car can never turn into reality but ellen musk had an altogether different approach to this and he proved everyone wrong his ideas are often termed as crazy but he turns them into reality through tesla he has also addressed and tried to solve the climate issue in the world, tesla is one of the most valuable automobile firms in the united states similarly in order to combat the issue of traffic he started two boring firms and plans to solve this issue through the construction of tunnels these are just a few examples of his applause worthy ideations presently.

Elon Musk india
Elon Musk – Tesla Car

he’s working on another firm named neural link through this project he wants to build a device that can be used by humans to control the computer or mobile through the brain well it will be interesting to watch this turn into reality as told by people close to ellen musk one of the main factors that makes him different from others is his positive approach whenever he starts to work on anything that has not been much discovered earlier he works on it thinking that he will surely attain success in that particular project and negates all the thoughts of failure Mr. Ellen musk is one of those people who do not crib about the issues in society he rather continues to contribute his bit to solve the problem and serve humanity if you found this ARTICLE interesting then do hit the like button comment below and do not forget to Signup this website.

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